Case family reacts after 15 years

WTHI Photo / Mike Latta
WTHI Photo / Mike Latta

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Before Friday’s news conference, the family of Erika Case asked not to be questioned by the media.

Erika’s brother, Jury Case, Jr., offered this statement on the family’s behalf reacting to the news that Clinton Mackey had finally confessed.

“We are grateful that we finally have closure, however it’s unfortunate that our mother could not be here to witness this day,” he read.

It’s a day more than 15 years in the making.  Erika’s sister found her body at the West Terre Haute home where Erika had been house-sitting.  Mackey’s name has always been connected to Erika’s murder, but proving that proved difficult.

The tide in this case turned when representatives from TNT’s Cold ‘Justice’ got involved last November.

“Immediately, we said this would be a good case for them to pick up, and they decided to come and help us,” Vigo County Sheriff, Greg Ewing said.

Vigo County investigators stated the show’s resources helped their efforts to reopen the case – turning up the heat on their only real suspect.  ‘Cold Justice’ helped expedite Mackey’s arrest.

“Working these cases is like building a castle out of blocks. You take a block here and a block there and eventually you end up with a castle.  We’ve got our castle,” explained Captain John Moats, Vigo County Sheriff’s Department.

Ewing told News 10 that TNT will still air an episode of ‘Cold Justice’ dedicated to Erika’s murder.

It will air Feb. 14 but with a different ending.

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