THPD Testifies before IN Senate

FILE photo
FILE photo

Indiana officials recently released a top 10 list. That list ranks the counties with the highest number of meth labs reported in a year.

None of the counties in the Wabash Valley Counties are on that list.  In fact, in Vigo County Indiana State Police reported 21 total labs in 2013. That’s down down dramatically from nearly 10 years earlier in 2004. That year ISP reported 95 meth labs. However, before you celebrate, officers from the Terre Haute Police Department say that stat can be misleading.

“We were the first part of the state that the labs showed up in, and our cookers are now much better educated on how to evade law enforcement. It’s as much underground as it can be, and when it bubbles into the mainstream, when it comes to everyone’s attention, it usually does so violently,” Chris Gallagher from the Terre Haute Police Department said.

Gallagher and officer Ryan Adamson wanted to stress this point to Indiana government, so they headed to Indianapolis Monday. There, they testified about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Their goal was to push legislation that makes pseudo-ephedrine available by prescription only. Pseudo-ephedrine is a common ingredient in meth. This is a push that police have been trying to get through for quite some time.  The last effort was a few years ago. It was denied back then, but Gallagher said it’s important to keep the issue in the spotlight.

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