Wild winter pushing school back?

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Winter weather is halting school for at least one Wabash Valley School district on Tuesday. But where does this wild winter weather put your student for finishing their school year on time?

This very active winter has already given Wabash Valley students a fair share of snow days and even a few cold days. As we all dream of warmer weather, another questions pops into mind:

How long will the school year extend?

“When you’re talking about 20-30 below temperatures and students having to walk to school and students waiting on busses. Busses not being able to start,” Danny Tanoos the superintendent of Vigo County Schools said.

“Staff and student cars not starting or maybe not being able to heat our buildings properly, possible power outages. I think all of those combined (to make it) just a no-brainer for me on this one.”

The decision was made Monday night to close Vigo County schools. Is that just another day to added to the end of the school year?

“I applied for a waiver for five days and was granted two. The three have no been decided upon. I re-apply again then of course for tomorrow,” Tanoos said.

What does that mean?

In year’s past the state of Indiana did not offer to waive cancelled days. But this year, whether it’s the wild winter or a new change of policy, Vigo County has received at least two days that don’t need to be made up.

“We’ve added one date (to the end of the school year), if we don’t get this date waived then we’ll add another date on that Monday but I’m hopeful they’ll waive it,” Tabnoos explained. “But then again we have to think: ‘We’re still in January we still have February and some of March to worry about so who knows.’”

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