Forward Motion: Getting started


Vigo County, Indiana (WTHI)

Have you ever wondered what you’re capable of doing? For anything: work, school, physical challenges, raising a family. The question is just how far can you push yourself.

I decided to try to find out. Can I complete the 29th annual Terre Haute Triathlon? It’s at Hawthorne Park this May, 800-meter swim, 40k bike, and 8k run.

I started training  January 18th in the pool. I’m lucky enough to have an excellent local trainer, Ryan Oilar with Forward Motion Athletics. He does these triathlon things all the time. Here’s him finishing a race much longer than any I’ll do in the next year.


He built a training plan for me specifically, and that’s what I’m following. He also gets to tell me I can when I tell him I’m sure that I can’t. That’s a challenge at times, since sometimes I give him this look.


Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t even belong to a local gym. After shopping around a bit, I joined the Vigo County YMCA. They have a great facility right in Terre Haute that I’ll come to loathe within the next four months.

You can keep track of it all here. I’ll keep you updated with how things are going. And if you’re lucky, you’ll probably catch Susan Dinkel and Kevin Orpurt laughing about my efforts on News 10 First at Five throughout my training.

Now the question is: How far can you push yourself? In whatever it is, try something outside your comfort zone this week. Every time I jump in the pool, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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