School admins battle winter worries

BLOOMFIELD, Ind. (WTHI) – The recent up and down weather is taking a toll on school scheduling around the Wabash Valley, and it’s causing stress for some educators.

News 10 traveled to the Bloomfield School District. Superintendent Dan Sichsting said that teachers and faculty are having to dramatically adapt their lessons.

They’re trying to stay ahead of the game, to cope with future snow days. One of their biggest concerns is that they won’t get enough time to prepare students for I-Step. Indiana has said they could delay the start date, but the stress of not knowing is a concern.

“It wears on you. It’s taxing physically. It’s taxing mentally. Just like winter is taxing physically and mentally for everyone, but it’s part of the job, ” Sichsting said.

Other districts tell News 10 they have considered offering after school programs to help kids prepare for I-Step.

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