Winter weather won’t stop fans

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) The snow moves out, but cold temperatures have moved in. All part of the reason travel conditions are not 100%.

How would that affect one of the most anticipated athletic events in Terre Haute this season?

Snow banks on road shoulders and slippery walkways part of winter weather’s imprint left behind just before Wednesday’s Indiana State basketball game.

“(The weather) definitely affected (my decision), because I didn’t wanna sit outside and wait the whole time,” Sycamore Fan Austin Wilson said. “But other than that I really wanted to go to the game.”

Wednesday night it appeared thousands had the same idea as Austin. No amount of snow or slick roads could keep them away.

“(Roads were) pretty clear for the most part,” Zach Duggins, another fan, said. “(Trouble) was just on the back roads for a little bit, but other than that I think the roads were pretty good. I didn’t really have an issue.”

Freshly plowed downtown turned to gridlock as the fans turned out, Like a sea of blue wrapped in coats, fans soon realized their only problem wasn’t caused by weather at all, it’s parking.

“It is pretty packed,” Duggins said. “It was tough, but it took me about five minutes to find a spot.”

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