WLPD, PUPD meet to review strategies

WLFI Photo
WLFI Photo

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – In the weeks following the fatal shooting on Purdue’s campus, Purdue Police and West Lafayette Police have compared notes.

West Lafayette Police Chief Jason Dombkowski said he has met with Purdue Police Chief John Cox several times since the incident. He said they reviewed strategies taken, talked about lessons learned and brainstormed ways the departments can improve.

Dombkowski said the response time to the scene was great. However, it is common after any incident to review ways to communicate.

“Making sure we get the appropriate information out to the public, making sure we get the appropriate amount of information in between agencies on scene, then also being able to communicate to our own people,” Dombkowski said.

23 West Lafayette police officers responded to the scene of the Jan. 21 shooting.

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