THPD launches twitter handle, Chief too

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The Terre Haute Police Department this week announced it had created a Twitter handle after a faux account surfaced on the social media site claiming to be Terre Haute Police.

Police Chief John Plasse on Friday noted he had started an account on Twitter to detour people from posing as him, or the department.

Officials said the fake T.H.P.D account used ‘foul language’ and potentially harassed other twitter users.

“We don’t want that image out there, that we’re talking like that to the people … That’s why we decided to have one, cause people will know it’s the real one. Then, I did one in my name thinking well somebody [could] be John Plasse and do the same thing,” said Chief Plasse.

Chief Plasse worked with Twitter administrators to get the fake account removed; a process that took months to do. Twitter first suspended the account and it was later deleted.

To find The Terre Haute Police Department on Twitter look for “@THPolice1.”


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