First Lady Pence tours Southern Indiana school

WASHINGTON, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana’s First Lady, Karen Pence toured Helen Griffith Elementary School Tuesday as part of her campaign to look at how school administrations across the state approach innovative learning practices.

“We’re actually going to look at some interesting things they are doing in kindergarten for literacy,” said Pence.

Indiana’s First Lady noted she likes to visit schools to see how administrations ‘showcase’ their best talents.

“They have an interesting math program that they do to that I want to look at,” added Pence. Students in the classroom were working with building blocks as a means for counting devices.

Griffith’s Principal, Richard Lloyd, said that education goes beyond the learning experience.

Students in the 6th grade sit on yoga balls to keep them engaged while sitting at desks.

“Our teachers work 110% to give their all to our kids,” said Lloyd. “We take education very seriously down here.”

Lloyd added a lot of innovative thinking goes to the credit of Griffith’s teachers.

“It’s a very difficult job to be a teacher today and with all the standards they’re keeping up with, and all
the things they have to do at home,” said Pence.

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