State looks at ways to deal with property tax

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The state of Indiana is looking at two possibilities for dealing with business personal property tax.

News 10 sat down with Republican State Representative Alan Morrison for a check on the business personal property tax legislation.

The city of Terre Haute receives around $4 million from this tax.

Morrison says there are two different bills in the general assembly.

The house bill would be a county option for the tax.

The senate bill is a more gradual elimination of the business personal property tax.

It does not have an option.

Morrison says the idea behind the legislation is to stimulate the economy.

“When you look down the three dozen different aspects of why a company choose to move to Indiana, to grow here, to start to build and hire more people the tax structure is one of them,” Morrison said.

Terre Haute mayor Duke Bennett says he is opposed to any elimination of the property tax.

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