No plans yet for auctioned high school

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WTHI Photos

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ill. (WTHI) – Lawrenceville City leaders told News 10 it’s not clear how the new owner of the city’s old high school plans to move forward.

Parrott Real Estate auctioned the high school in January. City leaders say someone bought the building for $37,000.

The old building is vacant — and students started last fall in a new building.

So what does the city know about the plans?

“We really don’t know anything the man has not been here that’s purchased it, he hasn’t come to town yet, we think he just wants to sell it, but we don’t know that for sure,” said Don Wagner, Lawrenceville Mayor. “We have some plans being worked on right now, but there is nothing set that we know of right now, we have no idea what he plans on doing with it”

The school’s sale is another part of the growing city.

Earlier this week, city and county leaders talked about plans for making Lawrenceville’s square bigger and better.

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