Flooding concerns with melting snow and rain

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – From snow covered yards and slick roads to melting snow and flooded streets. Submerged roadways are a concern that Storm Team 10 wants you to be ready for over the next few days.

Piles of snow that have nowhere to go except to melt on roads, yards, and sometimes in your home.

These past two days have been feeling pretty good. Temperatures are more pleasant than they have been all year.

But, as you’ve probably noticed, a lot of this snow is melting and now a flooding risk becomes a flooding concern.

You’ve probably gotten the hang of skating around your driveway ice rink, so much you could compete for a gold medal. But Mother Nature is changing things up and now that ice and snow is turning to liquid.

To quickly break it down, one inch of snow equates to .10″ of liquid.

We have areas from 4” to over 12” of snow throughout the region, which is over an inch of liquid to add to the already settled water.

Low level areas prone to flooding will have to be ready for additional sitting water, and with a rain system moving in on top of this tomorrow, flooding will definitely become a concern.

A concern the Storm Team 10 wants you to be ready for with potential flooding likely.

We want to remind you to never enter flowing water, make sure to always turn around and find an alternate route, and even a minor amount of water can sweep you off your feet and a foot of water can even sweep your car away.

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