Longer school days due to winter weather

CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI) Schools are stepping away from snow least for the time being. Many districts are trying to decide how to deal with the instruction time they lost.

Longer school days might not be something students across the Wabash Valley want to hear, but given the choice of school taking up part of summer break, they may re-consider.

That’s the choice made by the South Vermillion school board this week.

They will make the school day run an hour longer for all students for the next 6 weeks; Superintendent Dave Chapman says the extra hour will allow them to recapture those lost days.

It also creates time to prepare his students for their assessment tests.

To compensate with the added work, Chapman said they are adding an extra break for students before the extended session.

One of the questions we were curious about was: how this could affect next year?

Chapman said that South Vermillion will be one of the districts turning to a modified balanced calendar; which will actually help keep the summer break days for the students.

“We’ll start the first week of August so (the new calendar) helps keep that summer break,” Chapman.  “Where it’s supposed to be for the summer, instead of lessening it even more.”

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