Clark Co: Ameren project not cutting through county

CLARK CO. (WTHI) – The Illinois Commerce Commission has announced a finalized plan for a controversial power line system.

The $1.1 billion Illinois Rivers Transmission Project would work its way through Illinois, boosting Ameren’s infrastructure. Last week the ICC approved a final route, but that announcement has led to some questions.

Folks in Clark County Illinois were celebrating months ago. That’s because they’d gotten the news that the project would not be going through their county. However, the ICC release says the route will be going through 11 counties. They are Adams, Coles, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, Morgan, Piatt, Pike, Sangamon, Scott and Clark counties.

So, after checking with the ICC, News 10 found that the route would in fact be going through part of Clark County, but that part would be located at the very northern tip of the county. Officials said it will only go through a very small portion of the county.

The original plan was to cut through a much larger part of Clark County, including parts of Marshall. News 10 spoke with officials from Marshall, Illinois. They said they are relieved to know that the plan has not reverted back to the original. They’d prefer for it not to be in Clark County at all, but they said it’s better than the alternative.

“People were wondering, ‘Is it going back to the original route?’ Realizing that it isn’t, is good. It still affects some people in Clark County and I wish it didn’t, but for the majority of Clark County, this is a good thing,” Marshall mayor, Camie Sanders told News 10.

There is still some controversy, especially for people in Edgar County. The finalized route goes right through that county. Because the ICC has approved the route, Edgar County will have to file any appeal through the courts.

Construction is set to begin later this year.

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