Paying for pothole damage

Those nasty potholes are a money-maker for Terre Haute city street crews, and for tire shops fixing damaged tires and rims; but the giant, roadway craters are a money-taker for those behind the wheel.

News 10 wanted to know, should local city and county governments in charge of roadway upkeep also be held accountable for pothole repair bills? Terre Haute’s city attorney says he’s not exactly in the business of reimbursement.

“I can tell you we’ve had more claims, I think, this year already than any other year. That’s how bad the pothole situation is; again, it’s because of the weather,” said Chou-Il Lee, with Terre Haute’s legal department. “I can’t tell you how many that we’ve had. I can tell you if we’ve paid any pothole claim, it would be a surprise to me because of the standards that we go through.”

Those standards, according to Indiana law, include:  the city of Terre Haute must have been formally notified about the particular pothole, and Lee says calling 3-1-1 is sufficient reporting; secondarily, the city must have been provided ample time to remedy the problem, or patch the pothole.

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