Alleged drug house up for rent

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A 12-Points woman wants to warn prospective renters about the house next door.

Late last month, Indiana State Police found a working meth lab at 1106 Buckeye Street and carted many of the adults inside off to jail. Today, there’s once again a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window, but the next-door neighbor has an advertisement of her own in mind.

“I’m going to put a sign in my front-yard that says that this is a meth lab, because I feel like any person that’s going to move in here with possible children, or grandchildren, or anyone! You know, it is a lung hazard and it could be your life,” said Tina Henry.

On Jan. 29, state police confirmed what Henry has long suspected, as they placed under arrest five of the eight people found at the house.

“We followed a box of Sudafed to here today and found that there has been manufacturing meth going on here,” said Trooper Shilo Raulston.

Henry’s complaint comes at a time when a state senate civil law committee is considering a new law mandating that houses once used as meth labs must be listed as such on-line.

“Now, it’s been a meth lab! I suppose they’ve been cooking meth there for a long time, and they have been arrested,” she said. “I would like for it to be condemned.”

Due to the pending court case, the landowner cannot take possession of the property until Wednesday. He’s vowing to clean up the house and yard to comply with city codes.

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