New plans for the Deming Center

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) A downtown Terre Haute landmark gets a new lease on life. This week saw the sale of the Deming Center. It’s a move that not only gives downtown a face lift; it also could mean more jobs.

An uncertain future has hung over the Deming Center for almost a year now. That’s when the Terre Haute Housing Authority announced they would be closing the low income housing facility.

The residents of the Deming Center will be relocated; most residents are to be sent to the new facility at the old Warren School property.

But, that still left the historic Deming building without a purpose.

“The (Deming) sold for about $800,000.” Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett said.  “Which was a good price, but it needs a lot of work. It’s that balance of how much you’re gonna put in it. They’ll be putting somewhere around $6 million into the building to rehabilitate it.”

The company Mayor Bennett is referring to is Core Re-Development. An Indianapolis based company that has plans to turn the old building into modern apartments.

“It’ll be a market rate type of driven pricing,” Bennett went on. “So I am sure there will be some young professionals that will want to be there and some students too.”

The Deming sits just around the block from another downtown student-housing project; two projects that will add to a downtown facelift.

But there is something else these new projects give to the city: a boost to the economy.

“When people are living downtown their demands are for more retail and more destinations and that’s what’s helping to spur a lot of this growth,” Bennett explained.

Working to build a new downtown, starting with housing.


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