Time to start dialing all 10 digits

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – Starting this Saturday, you’re encouraged to start dialing all ten digits of a phone number when making a call in the 812 area code.

By 2015, the 812 area code will be out of numbers. Increase in cell phone usage is to blame.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission implemented an ‘area code overlay’ to solve the problem.

Later this year, new numbers in the area served by the 812 area code will receive the area code of 930.

This will require callers to dial 10 digits even for local calls.

“On Saturday, customers should begin dialing the area code before the number they wish to dial,” said Natalie Derrickson. “However, if they forget and just dial the seven digits, the call will still be completed as usual.”

All local calls in the 812/930 area code will require 10 digit dialing beginning September 6.

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