Street concerns: A cyclical issue


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – This harsh winter has given the city street concerns.

From potholes to street cleaning to leaf pick-up, the city of Terre Haute has a lot on its plate this season. And officials are hoping the weather evens out enough to work.

“The problem comes, if it gets warm, then it rains, then it freezes, everything we did will pop right out again,” said Brad Miller, Terre Haute Street Department.

Unfortunately, some roads are so bad, they need complete rejuvenation.

“They’re so bad, that refilling potholes won’t work,” said Miller.

That will cut into what they have available to pave for the rest of the year. But until these holey horrors are remedied, the city can’t finish leaf pick-up.

“It may take awhile. Especially if winter storms become spring storms, but we will get that done,” said Miller.

And even further away is street cleaning.

“We use regenerative air sweepers. Meaning there’s water in the process. So we can’t get out until it’s constantly above freezing. If we get out early in the morning and spray that water, we create slick spots and liability for the city,” said Miller.

So it all circles back to weather.

Seeing those temps moderate to a reasonable level is what we need to see on the forecast.

“We’re probably still going to have up and down temperatures. We just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best,” said Miller.

City engineer Chuck Ennis says re-paving roads this time of year, due to the harsh winter, will cut into funds for the rest of the paving year.

But they really won’t know until winter is truly over which ones are priorities and finalize their paving list.

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