S. Knox battles budgets cuts for 14/15′ school year

KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Ask any parent in the South Knox School district — and they’ll say it’s the best around.

But being the best and having a small student enrollment is bad, at least in the Indiana Department of Education’s eyes.

“If we took 20 districts within Southwestern Indiana, we rank at the, if not the bottom, or the bottom three or four school districts in per pupil amount,” said Tim Grove, South Knox superintendent.

Per pupil amount – that’s the amount of money the school budget puts on each student.

And that amount is impacted by need; like low test scores and free and reduced lunch or textbooks.

There’s not a whole lot of either at South Knox.

“The sad thing is what that says is a student who’s in the South is not worth as somebody in a neighboring school district,” Grove said.

In this particular case – Grove feels some schools get punished for doing things right.

“And that’s the thing that I think is most difficult to swallow, we do feel as though we’re doing what we need to, our test scores are up,” he stated.

And the bad thing is, South Knox must really be doing good because the school’s budget is taking another hit.

“We can look for over the next, this year and next 14 and 15 a 2.1 decrease in our per pupil amount, and that’s difficult,” Grove explained.

To offset some of the budget loss, school administrators plan to look at re-working other school programs.

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