Water service shut down on March 11 on S.R. 340

On Tuesday March 11 contractors will be cutting and capping a water main for water line relocation at the bridge on State Rd 340 by Cottage Hill Cemetery.

At this time, water service will be shut down on the water main going west of 200 W extending to 500 W.

Water customers that will be effected by the shutdown will be as follows: Customers on 200 W, 225 W, 235 W, 300 W, 285 W. off of US 40, 425 W north and south, York Chevy Dealership, and all customers on the north and south sides of 340 from 300 W extending to 500 W.

There may be some services on the north side of State Rd 340 west of 200 W extending to Kennedy’s Crossing who may be effected because their services are connected to the water main on the south side of State Rd 340.

When water service is restored all effected customers will be on a boil order until further notice.

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