IRS letter should not alarm

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — A “4464 C” letter from the IRS should not intimidate the taxpayers who receive it because it is not a scam, nor is it notification that a person is being audited.

“If they were going to audit you, they’d send you a different letter, and they would ask for additional information concerning what was contained in your tax return. This letter is going to ask you for verification of your identity,” said Michael Perkins, president of Larrison’s Tax Service in Terre Haute.

Perkins said the IRS will only contact a person via a letter in the mail. Tax filers can reply either on-line, by mail, or over the telephone.

Identity theft and refund fraud cases are on the rise. In fact, the IRS has created the IRS Identity Theft Protection Unit to address the growing problems.

“You know, you’re just better-off to let a professional handle this because we have a lot of security measures that a regular individual just can’t possibly afford,” Perkins advised.

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