Clay Co. Podiatry

I’m Dr. Miranda Goodale, owner of Clay County Podiatry here in Brazil, Indiana. And podiatry is a specialty of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and problems of the foot and ankle. I’m a doctor of podiatric medicine, and I treat all ages. I do provide nail and callus care for people with circulation or sensation problems. Not all of those folks have diabetes, but I do see a lot of people with diabetic foot issues. I dispense diabetic shoes. Diabetic shoes are extra depth, a more solid sole, and they have inserts that reduce pressure and risk of ulceration. But I do treat children as well. A lot of parents bring their kids in complaining about flat feet, or they walk funny. A lot of times those kids just need an orthotic to change the way the foot is functioning. I try to do the least invasive treatment which provides the most satisfactory results. Foot pain is not normal. So you should call for evaluation and treatment. We can be reached at (812) 448-9290, were also on the web

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