Vigo County to spend close to $1 million on road repairs

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) Vigo County is starting a project to end pothole problems across the county. This week, the county council approved the first $900,000 toward road repairs.  Its only around one-third of the money needed to put these road problems behind them.

Before this year’s historic winter weather, Vigo County had plans to chip and seal and resurface close to 60 miles of road. As we enter spring and see the damage left behind, county officials said those 65 miles may be only the beginning.

This week’s county council meeting showed that the total cost of the projects will come in around $3.2 million.

To better explain the high cost of the projects, we spoke with Vigo County commissioner Brad Anderson. He gave us a breakdown of costs: the average cost to resurface a mile of road is $75,000.

The county’s roads were scheduled for re-surfacing even before this winter. However, the funding comes from Indianapolis by way of the gas tax.

“The money is coming and part of it is there,” Anderson explained. “So we appropriated 900,000 of it for more road work this year. So it’ll give us a little more money to work with. This winter of course has been so bad; we know we are going to have to do so more.”

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