Dems praise preschool win, question other items

WISH File Photo
WISH File Photo

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Democratic leaders are touting a modest win on creating a preschool pilot program with Republicans, but criticizing much of the rest of the 2014 session.

Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (LAN’-in) said Friday he was happy with the preschool pilot program, but would like to see the state do more. The plan would spend up to $15 million to send low-income Indiana children to preschool.

Republicans claimed victory on that measure and others shortly after the session wrapped up Thursday night. But House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath (PEE’-lath) called the celebration much to do about nothing.

Democrats are vastly outnumbered in both the House and Senate and struggled to find traction this year for items ranging from raising the minimum wage to establishing tax credits to hire unemployed workers.

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