News 10 follow-up: Bethesda Cemetery

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – In a News 10 follow up: Last week families in West Terre Haute expressed their concerns about the conditions of burial sites at a local cemetery.

Reports of tombstones sinking into the ground and unfilled graves were the issue at Bethesda Cemetery in West Terre Haute.

STORY | Weather to blame for grave issues at West TH cemetery

As of Tuesday night the problems had been corrected, but the real question most we wondering was what took so long?

“Bethesda cemetery does not dig graves,” said Bill McClain, Bethesda Cemetery. “An independent contractor working for the funeral home did and he indicated that it was the harsh winter conditions and the frozen conditions.”

PHOTOS | Grave issues at Bethesda Cemetery

McClain added Bethesda Cemetery did notice the sinking graves and he said they were in the process of correcting the problems beforehand.


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