New look on the way for Brazil

BRAZIL, Ind. (WTHI) – A new look is coming to Brazil, Indiana’s downtown. The Indiana department of transportation announced a nearly $20 million project for U.S. 40. The city hopes a new look to main street means a new chapter for the Clay County city.

Crumbling concrete and splintered streets line the downtown of Brazil, Indiana. If you ask the mayor that is the story of the city’s roads and has been for years.

“This winter’s been really difficult on our roads. But, really it didn’t affect us much because ours were so bad anyhow, I don’t think they could have gotten any worse,” Mayor Brian Wyndham said.

However, the days of rotten roads through Brazil will soon end. Tuesday night’s meeting at city hall brought the future to the city in the form of a $19.7 million road resurfacing project.

“It’s a pavement replacement project that will run from State Road 340 all the way through town to Wal-Mart,” Debbie Calder of Indiana’s Department of Transportation said.

All long the path the project fixes side walks, streets lights and the city’s drainage. Starting April 1st, work begins from State Road 340 to State Road 59; keeping one lane open at all times for traffic. Then in 2015 they hope to finish the stretch from State Road 59 to Wal-Mart.

“What this project will do for the city, I really believe, it spring boards us into being able to do other projects,” Wyndham said. “I think it will kick open a few doors when people see this happening.”

While the folks at the meeting see the state’s plan to upgrade downtown, Mayor Wyndham has a plan that spreads beyond Main Street.

“We have a about $2.5 million to spend on city streets as far as blacktopping,” he said. “That’s gonna be going on this summer also.”

A new future for Brazil that is starting at the street level.

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