Spring officially arrives


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) — On this first official day of spring, News 10 went digging in the dirt with Jim Luzar from Purdue’s Ag Extension Office in Vigo County.

Luzar said a good rule of thumb when planting is to wait until the final frost passes, maybe even a full week after that.

“Typically, early may to mid May,” Luzar said referring to the “safe zone” and when the final killer frost should have passed.

Luzar said it’s additionally important to know your soil! Vigo County alone is made up of a variety of dirt makeups, he explained:  silt, sand, even heavy clay in the southern and eastern parts of the county.

“Heavy clay is going to be a cooler soil, it’s going to be much slower to warm up,” Luzar explained. “Some soils that are predominantly sand soils in the Wabash Valley area that’ll be ready to go, early April – if we get a little break in the weather!”

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