Companies join push for Pence to veto energy bill

WISH File Photo
WISH File Photo

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Two large companies with Indiana operations have joined a push started by environmental and consumer groups to urge Gov. Mike Pence to veto a bill that would halt Indiana’s statewide energy-efficiency program.

Honeywell and Ingersoll Rand warn in a joint statement that the bill would “undermine important energy-efficiency initiatives” the Energizing Indiana program has brought Indiana.

The companies both make energy-efficient products of the kind the 2-year-old program has encouraged homeowners and businesses to adopt to cut their electricity use. The program is financed through fees utility customers pay on their monthly electricity bills.

A bill approved by lawmakers would prohibit the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission from extending or beginning new contracts for the program after this year and prevent the commission from requiring utilities to meet specific energy-efficiency goals.

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