Impact of proposed Illinois education budget cut

WTHI Photo
WTHI Photo

WABASH VALLEY, Ill. (WTHI) – Illinois legislators heard from state education officials about the impact of a proposed 20 percent budget cut next year.

Officials claim that school districts could be forced to lay-off thousands of teachers and borrow money to stay afloat if proposed budget cuts take effect.

Here in the Wabash Valley the West Richland School District is saying it will have a tough time staying open.

STORY | East and West Richland set to merge

There are already plans in the works to merge West Richland students with nearby East Richland. But, the timeline has been a little shaky up to this year.

After a round of petitions back-and-forth to stop, or go ahead with the annexation, East Richland’s superintendent says they now have a trustees’ order to proceed.

Several parents from West Richland have filed a lawsuit to stop it.

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