Indiana battling sex trafficking

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) This year Patrece Dayton introduced you to the world of human trafficking, even sharing the story of a Terre Haute woman who lived as a sex slave. Now, Indiana aims to fight back at the seedy crime world of human trafficking.

You’ve heard the true stories behind the veil; Patrece Dayton introduced you to Gina. A woman sold into the sex slavery trade at the age of 12.

As nearly 100,000 other children across the country will be sold this year, the state of Indiana has a plan to do something about it.

“This is a problem that people are just now coming to identify some of the real magnitude of it,” Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said.

In this year’s Indiana General Assembly, Wabash Valley Senator John Waterman sponsored an enrolled act. The purpose of it is to combine sex trafficking investigations across the state.

“Right now a lot of these departments when they are working something, they don’t tell the other departments something happens,” Waterman explained.

“But this way with the attorney general involved in it they were with all the departments to keep all the people well notified.”

In a short press conference Monday, Zoeller explained how his office will help with sex slavery cases.

“What we are finding is a lot of the, what they call, Asian massage parlors which are really human trafficking, prostitution. So to go after those really takes a lot of investigative work.”

A move that Zoeller believes gives police the help they’ll need to make sure sex trafficking in the Hoosier state disappears for good.

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