Former First Financial employee arrested for theft, fraud and forgery

Amy Schaffer / Provided Photo
Amy Schaffer / Provided Photo

WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – An employee of First Financial Bank, West Terre Haute branch was arrested for multiple counts of fraud, theft and one count of forgery.

During an investigation that started in November of 2013, Amy Schaffer was suspected of committing theft and fraud against First Financial Bank. Documents were obtained that concerned transactions that were the subject of the investigation.

A First Financial Bank Security Officer stated Schaffer wrote multiple cashier’s checks payable to herself that were deposited into accounts owned by her and her husband.

Schaffer did not have the authority to write those checks to herself and there were no offsetting value received by First Financial in exchange for insurance of the cashier’s checks.

She also forged documentation for a loan application.

Schaffer is facing five counts of fraud on a financial institution, one count of forgery and five counts of theft.

The total amount of theft and fraud is believed to be $63,433.47.

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