One man shot in Vermillion County shooting

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One man was shot around 5:00 Saturday afternoon in Vermillion County.

The shooting happened at the Roskavensky Gravel Pit.

Neighbors tell police Harold Zucca Junior went to the pit where both he and William Dowell rent land.

Zucca was talking to the owner about how to keep Dowell off the property.

That’s when Zuccaa and Dowell start arguing. At one point, Dowell spat an apple at Zucca.

Zucca pulled a gun and fired a warning shot.

Then police say when Dowell didn’t stop, Zucca shot Dowell in the face under the left eye.

Dowell was taken by medical helicopter to an Indianapolis hospital.

Police are investigating this as a self-defense case, at this tim

This is a story we’ll keep you updated on as soon as more information is available.

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