‘No-Call Law Enforcement Summit’ underway

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)  – More than 20 attorney generals from across the nation are in Indianapolis, working to stop robocall scams.

Indiana’s Greg Zoeller and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster  organized what they are calling a “No-Call Law Enforcement Summit.” The Attorneys General said that technology has given scammers an advantage and current security checks cannot keep up.

“Fifteen years ago, a slew of no-call statutes around the country really made a big impact,” Koster said. “But technology advances have allowed the bad guys, the scammers, the robocallers to fight back and to curtail our enforcement efforts.”

To solve the problem, the Attorneys General are calling on the FCC to regulate telemarketers more aggressively. Representatives from other states, the FCC and the justice department will meet until 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Zoeller also released Indiana’s top 10 “Do Not Call” complaint categories for last year. Scams about credit services were the top complaint in 2013.

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