Overall, smooth transition into longer VCSC days

TERRE HAUVE, Ind. (WTHI) – Spring break is over and extended hours have been added.

It’s a learning process for everyone parents, students and teachers. But the overall consensus has been “so far so good.”

An early start for kids as school now starts at 7:40 am.  Due to so many snow days all Vigo County School Corporation added extended hours.

Kids are not only starting earlier but also staying longer.

Woodrow Wilson Principal, Susan Mardis, said the first day was a smooth transition as parents made their way through the drop off line.

“I don’t think I noticed it being longer but it was a continuous flow. Because I think the earlier hours of parents having to get to work,” Mardis said. “We changed our system a little bit where are having parents drop 5 students off at a time along the line instead of dropping one off-  and we did change that this week and I think it’s working really well.”

Mardis also stated to keep in mind they have 958 students, so whenever you throw a change into the mix you might see a few hiccups.

Overall kids are handling the transition well but there might notice a few tired faces at the end of the day.

News 10 did hear from the teachers that they are looking forward to the extra time for teaching.

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