Union Hospital provides Clark Co. with life saving tools

CLARK COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) – Just months ago, News 10 reported on two deputies in Vigo County who were able to save a man’s life by using an Automated External Defibrillator, or an AED.

It has become a goal of Union Hospital to make sure others counties have access to the same equipment.

On Tuesday they made that goal happen in Clark County as they made one of many stops for the Union Hospital Richard Lugar Center for Rural Health.

The devices they gave to Clark County will go with deputies and officers and if someone should have a heart attack, those devices will help those deputies provide immediate care.

Union Hospital chose Clark County because they’ve been identified as having the worst cardiac death rates in the area.

Congressman John Shimkus said this move is a great benefit for the entire area.

Union Hospital will also be donating AED’s in Parke Count and Vermillion County as well.

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