‘Smart 911′ – saving critical minutes when saving a life

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Today Vigo County went live with a new 911 service that aims to provide more effective emergency response.

You can now help first responders during a crisis situation before they even reach your home, by using a new program called ‘Smart 911.’

“This is cutting edge of 911 technology,” said Rob McMullen, director of Vigo County Dispatch.

Vigo County is the second county across Indiana to offer the innovative service that brings potentially life saving information from a caller in crisis to dispatch instantly.

“How many stories in the house you have, what color of siding you have, just a lot of vital information that you may not be able to provide to dispatch in a case of emergency and you can’t talk, or you’re so panicked,” said McMullen.

From the number of pets you have, to a list of allergies – all of your important information can be at the dispatcher’s fingertips through what’s called a safety profile you can create on smart911.com.

“It’s going to help my dispatchers to make their job a little bit easier because information is going to be available to them as it comes in, and it’s going to help the citizens in the county,” said McMullen.

The few minutes it takes to sign up could be crucial in saving seconds and even minutes during an emergency situation.

“The initial dispatchers can tell the first responders that they are going to be responding to a yellow house with vinyl siding which will help if the first responder gets on scene and is not able to find the actual address on the house.”

McMullen adds this is one way the county is using new technology to better serve the community.

“My ultimate goal for this program is to be able to save a life.”

The information you provide is only available to dispatchers when you call 911.

To create your own safety profile, visit the ‘Smart 911’ website.

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