School sends off teacher to Boston Marathon

Clinton, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s an emotional year for anyone running in the Boston Marathon, but it’s been an emotional day for one runner.

“I’m going to be thinking about it later and probably start crying,” said Toni Bohannon, Special Ed. Assistant at Central Elementary in Clinton.

A surprise party complete with a good luck medal, homemade banners, and custom t-shirts is how central elementary showed they back Bohannon.

“They’re just as excited as I am about going, and making it more excitable for me to get out there,” said Bohannon.

“I’m just excited for our school because it’s such a great place to teach to begin with, but when everybody is on the same page, cheering for the same person it makes it that much better,” added Robin Vukovits, a P.E Teacher at Central.

Bohannon is an avid runner but this will be her first trip to Boston, a once in a lifetime experience not only for her but the students.

“The kids can see that they were a part of history. I mean they may not be able to go and be there but someone is that they actually knew,” said Vukovits. “They just associate me with Boston, so that’s going to be a memory in itself for them for a long time,” said Bohannon.

Come Monday it’s going to be more than Bohannon’s training that carries her across the finish line. “If I’m going really slow across it it’s because I’ve got the whole Central School on my back going across the finish line with me,” said Bohannon.

She’s excited to share her experience with the students after she returns from Boston.

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