CRANE hosts ‘STEM’ science fair

Almost 100 kids from schools in Southern Indiana spent today Wednesday part in a ‘STEM’ (science, technology, engineering and math) science fair.

Hosted by Crane’s Westgate Academy, it gave students an opportunity to apply ‘STEM’ subjects to the real world.

“Well it’s important because I don’t think that students walk away from a typical class day really understanding what those subjects mean, it’s just something in a book, they’re maybe not getting the hands one experience that they need to really grow and develop it into something tangible,” said Melissa Pittman, NSWC Science Fair Lead.

Organizers say it’s a great way keep students engaged in the learning process.

“Students see the Universities are here and then, and then the Universities see the talent that’s out there,” said Tina Closser, NSWC Stem Coordinator.

Among some of the top competitors was Kimber Schnarr.

“I found that my hypothesis was correct, and when the mechanical models bent at acute angles then it will have more stress on it than obtuse angles,” Schnarr said.

This 6th grade student from Jasper proved through math — a theory that showed how people develop stress in the knees.

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