Mock-crash sobering reminder for high school students

SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTHI) – While prom night may be filled with dresses, corsages, and limousines, the days leading up to it are filled with educational programs, all promoting safety to ensure a fun evening doesn’t turn tragic.

On Friday, students got a sobering reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving. A horrific accident played out as students from Sullivan High School watched their classmates lives hang in the balance.

“It was really upsetting because it is something that really does happen,” said Cassidy Tharp, a Junior at Sullivan High School.

Police, firefighters, EMS and even life line rushed to the scene to help the 13 victims, half of which didn’t survive.

“The first vehicle was coming to the prom and they were texting and driving, the middle vehicle is an innocent that was involved in the accident, and the other car is the teenage drinking and driving,” says Tony Shipman, a Sullivan City Firefighter.

For the seniors, who acted out the chilling scene, it seemed all too real.

“I don’t think that it happens and then you watch videos and stuff like this, and you see that it does. It’s kind of insane and hard to imagine,” said Corrina Gunn, a Senior at Sullivan High.

Dressed in their best, the mock crash is meant to warn students of the dangers of drinking and driving ahead of prom season.

“It’s just something that gets their attention a lot more. If you touch one kid and have an impact than it’s worth it,” said John Spring, the Sullivan Co. Chief Deputy Prosecutor.

As students watched their friends being taken away in a hearse the message sank in.

“It makes me think differently, like these bracelets, who will miss you? And who are the families and lives that you do ruin,” said Tharp.

This is the third year a mock-crash has been staged at Sullivan High School.

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