Check out the new look of the city

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Spring is here, and with it, comes fresh air and flowers.

But in Terre Haute, it also means fresher surroundings.

Things around Terre Haute will look a little smoother this spring.

“This is kind of the time of year when a lot of those infrastructure projects begin,” said Terre Haute mayor Duke Bennett.

Paving projects haven’t started yet. But the sidewalks in the city are well on their way.The first focus, South Seventh Street.

“That’s our busiest bus route in the city. And there’s been a lot of issues and things that we need to do to be, make it a better environment for people to use those, that whole south seventh street area,” said Mayor Bennett.

And those pesky rough railroad crossings? It’ll be smoother sailing soon. We’re already seeing the supplies out by the tracks.

“How it works is they have a north south crew and an east west crew. So these supply crews come through first and drop off all the materials and the other crews are off in the distance, working their way to terre haute,” said Mayor Bennett.

Just another step toward making Terre Haute, A Level Above.

The pothole project also is well underway.

Officials say it’s always slow-going, but it’s still on their radar.

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