Lime Shortage Bad Timing for Cinco de Mayo

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – You may notice something missing from your margarita on this Cinco de Mayo.

There’s a lime shortage here in the U.S.

Baesler’s Market tells us it’s because of a very wet month of April in Mexico, where we get most of our limes.

Limes are not only low in number, but they’re also small.

They’re also more expensive.  They normally price at 59 cents each.

Today, they’re selling for a $1.19 each.

“On top of that, there were two hijacked trucks in Mexico that resulted in limes being sold on the black market,” said Paul Engle, the produce manager at Baesler’s Market.

Baesler’s Market expects the lime market to return to normal in about a month.

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