Elections are over, what about the signs?

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana Primary Elections have wrapped up but now the question is, what about all those signs?

During election time countries are covered with mini roadside billboards. Soon, the city will be cleansed of dozens of different candidates’ campaign signs.

But many homeowners may be wondering who is doing the cleaning and what happens if their not removed.

According to zoning regulations, both county and city candidates have 10 days after the primary to pick-up their signs. The city or county building inspector can cite a homeowner for leaving political signs on their property after that 10 day mark.

Ultimately, it’s the candidate’s job to clean-up their signs but it’s the homeowner who could face a fine.

Vigo County Clerk, Dave Crockett, said the community needs to be patient.

“A lot of times with bigger signs you know where those are and so those are relatively easy to get to and pick up. It’s the signs that people picked up or given to someone else,” Crockett said. “You don’t always know where those are and people say ‘I’ll take 5 of your signs and put them out’ and then you don’t know where those 5 signs are put out.”

Now, if you have a political sign on your property past the 10 days mark you most likely will not get fined.

That’s because Crockett states the general rule of thumb is for the politician pick up their own signs because they are expensive.

You can help the process by calling the politician and reminding them they left a sign on your property.

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