How the American Red Cross prepares for severe weather

TERRE HAUTE, IND.(WTHI) – With severe weather chances increasing as the warmer months continue, we all have to be prepared for those events.

The American Red Cross is there to give a hand when severe weather strikes. As their concerns change from winter snow to summer storms, they are also preparing for those new threats.

The local Wabash Valley chapter says they are ready for what’s to come.

“We’re always taking steps to make sure we are ready amongst the community and individuals. We are making sure we have all the partnerships in place so we can respond to large disasters for help. We also make sure we have disaster supplies ready to go, from cots, blankets, kits, and cards if we have to provide any financial support,” said Nikki Wessley of American Red Cross.

A big part of the American Red Cross is volunteers and donations. Local American Red Cross officials say they can always use more.

You can find that contact link here.

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