IL sends money for school safety to Wabash Valley

WTHI Photo

ROBINSON, Ill. (WTHI) You’ve seen the headlines across the nation: Violence in schools. While the coverage may make education seem unsafe experts says that’s not the case.

“Studies have shown time after Newtown and all those tragic events in other schools, school is still the safest place for your student to be,” Superintendent Monte Newlin said.

Newlin oversees the school districts in five Wabash Valley counties; including Crawford, Richland and Lawrence counties.

This month the Illinois legislature made his words ring even truer as more than $220,000 are headed to his district to upgrade school safety

“Schools can have a lot of flexibility with this,” Newlin said. “They can use that money for anything from reinforced glass, apps that alert all first responders within a certain radius.”

“More often than not that’s the only money they’re going to get to make those types of purchases that are safety related” Newlin explained. “Simply because with the fiscal crisis that the state of Illinois is in, all of those dollars are being fought over by more and more competing interests.

But when it comes to student safety, the state won’t put a price on that.

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