Bucshon talks healthcare reform


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) According to a 2014 United State’s health ranking, the Hoosier state is not in great shape. The state ranked 41st in the country. So what are Hoosier lawmakers doing to change that trend?

Last month Indiana congressman Larry Bucshon and other state lawmakers went on a tour of the state. Their goal was to find out what issues Hoosiers face in the evolving healthcare world and then find the best course of laws to help.

“Indiana is the 47 healthiest state in the country, approximately,” Republican congressman Larry Bucshon M.D. said. “We have one of the highest infant mortalities in the country. What do we do about our level of smoking in our state and other things that we know are not consistent with good health?

Take a look at the Wabash valley. Only Parke county and Clay county rank in the top 50 out of 92 counties, while Knox, Sullivan, and Vermillion counties are hovering around 80th.

That’s why congressman Bucshon’s Hoosier Health Care tour was so important for him.

“We found all kinds of things. Mainly we found an uncertainty out there about the future of our healthcare not only in our state but in our country on a multitude of levels,” Bucshon said.

That uncertainty in the Indiana comes as the Affordable Care Act finally takes hold in the Hoosier state. While the congressman’s focus is normally at a national level, he says healthcare reform has steered his interest back to the Wabash Valley.

“Our staffs are going through the information we obtained on the tour and the input we received from healthcare providers and others on the tour and we’re gonna put all that together,” Bucshon explained. “Then we’re gonna meet and talk about where do we go next with health care in Indiana.”

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