Training Day for Eli Lilly First Responders

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – One group of Vigo County firefighters spent today training in a live fire experience.

The live fire training session was hosted by the Riley Fire Department. First responders, recruits and employees, of Eli Lilly underwent hands on training unlike any other.

“It’s a unique experience because one group gets to see the fire, and while one group actually gets to go in and put out the fire,” says Kevin Murphy, Riley Fire Department.

Trainees also get to take a closer look at the fires from its beginning, middle and end stages, something that they do not get to do in real situations.

While first responders learn the essentials of fire training, the goal of the training is to cater to three areas.

“What’s important is that we are trained to the best of our ability,” says Rudy Ross, first response coordinator for Eli Lilly, “We focus on three aspects of emergency response which are life safety, property and environment.”

Both Eli Lilly and the Riley Fire Department benefit from training sessions such as this. It gives fire crews the hands on experience they need. It also helped Eli Lilly get through its state certified fire training.

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