Understanding the rain percentage on the 7 day forecast

WABASH VALLEY (WTHI) – When Storm Team 10 forecasts rain we are working with a probability of precipitation. Now we are going to have to go back to math class a bit here…

But how it works is we take the percentage of the forecast region – for us that is the boundaries of the Wabash Valley – we then multiply that by our confidence to receive rain.

For example, if we believe that you will at any given time have a 50 percent chance to see rain through the Wabash Valley whether you are in Terre Haute or Vincennes, and we know that there is a 100 percent rate to see rain for the day.

That will equal a 50 percent rain chance on the 7 day.

Now the chance for rain doesn’t increase the amount of rain or intensity level of the rain…it strictly is the probability of seeing rain at any given location across the Wabash Valley for the time frame.

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