The cost of ‘wedding bliss’

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – If you’ve planned a wedding recently or there’s a wedding in your future, you know, but the rest of us might be surprised just how much the average wedding is costing couples these days.

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella.

Well they never show you the part where ‘happily ever after’ will cost big bucks.

So what contributes to the rising price tag?

We’re breaking down the numbers to find out just how quickly” here comes the bride” can turn into “here comes the debt.” It’s the day every little girl dreams of.

Wedding bells will be ringing for Terre Haute bride Rachel Wade in just two short days.

“I wanted the super fancy Cathedral, and the 20 foot long train on the dress, and all of that,” said Wade.

She soon realized turning dreams into reality can be costly.

“We’re doing something a lot more simple, elegant, but more simple.”

For the past year she’s been planning what she hopes will be an impressive celebration on a budget of $10,000.

“We’ve been together for almost four years now. Yes, we are getting married but it’s kind of a big party for all our family and friends,” said Wade.

That may be the mindset contributing to the rising cost of tying the knot. According to new poll the average wedding cost more than $28,000.

Wedding planner, Jeanette Winchester said Terre Haute falls slightly under the national average.

“It’s almost more the normal cost increases. The normal cost of living increases. What we’ve really seen a lot of is all the extras you can get,” said Winchester.

The wedding industry nets nearly 80 billion dollars a year. From Pinterest to Instagram modern brides are flooded with the latest trends and new ideas.

“I always tell the brides that come in with Pinterest that it’s a great tool but once you start making your decisions you need to learn how to hit the delete key,” said Winchester.

Still there are some costs you can’t just erase.

“Where your money really starts making a difference is it comes down to how many people are sharing the day with you. If you got 250 people sharing the day with you then that’s 250 mouths to feed,” said Winchester.

The good news, you can cut corners.

“With the sky rocketing prices of beef we say you might want to shy away from that. We like to take advantage of seasonal produce. We would also steer them in the direction of less costly side items,” said Cathy Azar, Co-Owner of Azar Catering Services.

Don’t fret, saying “I do” to a small budget is possible.

“We were able to find deals on things, and make a lot of things. I made all of the invitations. The invitations I found that were really similar were $900,” said Wade.

So is happily ever after priceless?

“Oh definitely well worth it,” said Wade.

According to the survey Manhattan couples shelled out the most, spending an average of $76,000 on the big day.

Alaska is the cheapest place to say “I do” with the average being $15,000.

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