New PBS app helps children learn and stay busy during summer

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

WABASH VALLEY (WTHI) – There’s a new educational app out there for you and it can help your kids stay busy this summer and you stay connected with what they’re learning.

It’s free and great for parents that are tech savvy.

It’s called PBS Kids Super Vision – a new tool made to help parents track what they’re kids are playing, watching and track their learning on

Anyone can download this app using a computer or tablet.

This is how it works: Parents can connect to their kids game using their new app and they can watch in real-time what their kids are watching and learning.

“So this is a really fun thing that gives you insight into what your kids are doing whether you’re in the next room or even if you are in another city or just downtown at the office,” explained Sarah Dewitt, VP of PBS Kids Digital. “A chance for parents to really connect with kids we want to really empower to be able to engage with there kids online.”

The app also suggests learning activities you and your child can do together

This app is supposed to help parents better understand what their kids are learning and the take away from the games.

To learn more about this app or how to download it, visit their website.

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